Emeli Ericsson, Conscious stylist shares some of her fashion tips

Being conscious of our planet is important to me and I try to have that in mind when I purchase new clothes. I want to create a closet that includes pieces I want to use on a recurrent basis. Since I have a lot to learn about this field I asked my friend Emeli Ericsson, a conscious stylist to share some of her fashion tips.

– I love vintage fashion and purchase most of my clothes pre-loved. This way you can buy timeless, unique pieces while being more conscious of our planet and its resources.

Furthermore I’ve started arranging clothes swapping parties – a fun way of updating your wardrobe while spending time with your girlfriends. And seeing how that dress I never wore looks gorgeous on my friend, brings me joy, and vice versa.


-I’m all about a feminine silhouette and love accentuating my waist and shoulders whether I wear wide , high waisted pants and a fitted top or flowing skirts and dresses. Dressing for work I’d recommend bringing an extra pair of shoes, a scarf, a belt or a clutch that can take your work outfit into the wee hours making you ready for an evening out. With great accessories you simply don’t need as many clothes but you’ll have endless inspiration for outfits.

If you would like to know more about Emelie and her work, follow her on @linaemeli and her blog.